Kicking Off! The Peoplehood of the Travelling Swirly Pan - Australia

Imagine a funky baking pan traveling around Australia, sharing itself with lots of beautiful bakers,producing some awesome cakes. Just imagine the possibilities…..sharing family recipes, sharing someone’s first cake, sharing someone’s birthday cake… and of course, sharing the stories that go with them.

The goal is 100 cakes, 100 recipes, 100 homes.  At the end of the pan’s journey, chance will decide which Baker will get to keep it, and some very deserving charities will benefit.

How does it sound? Are you ready? 


Before we start…

I would like to thank Jennifer from The Pastry Chef Online that was the mastermind behind the original Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan which is still cooking in the US!

Visit Jennifer’s page to check it out:

How it will work?

 1.     Sign up to participate by sending me an email with your mailing address. You can also use the contact form up at the top of the site, if you’d prefer.   My email contact is: [email protected] .

 2.     I will put you in the schedule that you can check out here: Swirly Pan Schedule.

 3.   When you get the pan (and accompanying notebook), bake something amazing in it. You can then blog about it if you have a blog.   Take pictures and if you want, share them on the The Untamed Cook fan page (I will love that!) or post them in the special album that will go up on this website. Use the notebook to write a message to the next Baker.    

4.  I will be sending you an email with the address of the next person to receive the pan.  Send the pan to the person, and email me when you’ve shipped so I can alert the next person.

5. The pan is yours for 2 weeks.  Care for it as if it was your own. 

6. Send me an email with the recipe and the photo of you awesome cake.  I would also love to hear any story you have to tell about it.  Why did you choose it?  If it is a family recipe, if the cake was for a special occasion… whatever you would like to share.

Please, even if you leave a comment on this post expressing interest (which I would love), also send me an email with your mailing address.   Only subscriptions made by email will be considered.

 A Few Rules – Please read carefully

  • Due to postage costs the Pan will only be travelling around Australia.   Please don’t subscribe if you are living in another country and if you from USA, you can subscribe to The Pastry Chef Online List.   However, Jennifer and I will love it and support you if you want to start a  Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan in your country :-)

  • You have to commit to pay for the postage costs to send the pan to the next person in the list.   I have simulated some postage in the Australian Post website and in between capitals the costs vary from 12 to 16 Australian Dollars.   Of course, if the Pan is going to the same city you are in you can always talk to the next person and deliver it personally if the two of you work it out.   Indicative postage details are below:

  •  Once you receive the Pan you can keep it for two weeks.   During this period you can use it as much as you want and even lend it to close friends and family so they can bake their own cakes and post the cake photo and recipe but you will be responsible for sending it back.    A good way to reduce the postage costs is gather a group of friends that live close to you and share the ownership of the Pan.  Important: the group of friends will still have only two weeks, unless I receive different subscriptions that will have to follow the schedule.   Remember, the faster you get the Pan moving the faster we will reach our goal.
  • As the postage costs have very little variation around Australia, the schedule will be defined by order of subscriptions.    The list will be available for consultation on the page.    Changes can be negotiated and I will be administering it.
  • To subscribe you will need to send me an email - [email protected] - with your name, phone and address
    Alternatively you can subscribe using the blog contact form.     I will only be sharing your address with the person that will be posting you the Pan.
  • After 100 Cakes, the Pan will be returned to me and I will organise a raffle among the participants.  No money will pass through me – entries will be “bought” by online donations made to charities still to be defined.   Every AUD5 donated will buy an entry to the draw.
  • All cake photos and recipes sent to me will be gathered in an ebook that will be distributed freely to all participants and hopefully will be posted online for sale – all profits going to a charity to be defined.
  • Everyone is welcome!! If you are a blogger, I’ll probably set up a link or a special page at my place where I’ll link to your post. Even if you are a blogger, blogging about this is not mandatory. I ask only that you post some pictures, share your recipe and bake something that you love.

                                                               Let the Bake Begin!

The Untamed Cook

Rachel Elich is a globetrotting, computer engineer, project manager, designer, untamed cook extraordinaire who backpacks around the world. Along the way on adventures, Rachel has adopted and incorporated international influences into all aspects of her creative work endeavours.

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  1. So excited for you guys! I'll be happy to share my social media links with the Australian Peoplehood, or we can just link together if you'd rather. Let me know, and good luck with the Peoplehood!