24 Awesome Nutella Recipes

Money cant buy happiness but it can buy nutella that is basically the same thing
It's no secret that I like doing everything from scratch but if there is one processed food I just can't resist it is Nutella.

Frankly I not even buy it anymore, just in tiny portions to make desserts otherwise I end up eating it straight from the jar with a spoon (and serious lacking some parental advise :-)).

So, this week I am officially declaring the Nutella week and I would like to invite you to post here your Nutella recipes.  

You can upload straight to this post by using the link below.

I can't wait to see and try your untamed Nutella creations!

Rachel The Untamed Cook

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  1. I am a Nutella lover too, Rachel, but I have to have self-control or I'd weight 300lbs! Have they given a Nobel prize to the creator yet, because I think he deserves one! :) CC

  2. I have grown up on bread and Nutella! I LOVE it!!!!