GROW - Reducing food waste

GROW is an Oxfam Method that defends that everybody can use their everyday buying and cooking power to promote sustained change in the world.

The GROW method has six principles and you probably have already been applying some or most of them:
    • Buying food that’s in season - Cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Supporting small farmers - Choose products that ensure small farmers get a fair deal.
    • Eating less meat and dairy - To reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and water use.
    • Reducing food waste - Make the most of the precious resources that go into making food.
    • Cooking smart - Cooking smart
    • Growing and eating sustainably - Reducing chemicals & restoring the health of our lands and water systems.
      As part of the GROW challenge, I've chosen to focus on Reducing my food waste.

      In the past months I have been planning the week meals,  buying less food and more frequently to avoid food spoiling, cooking smaller quantities of food, freezing and finding creative ways to use leftovers.     

      To help me in my challenge I would like to ask you to use the link tool at the end of this page to link your favorite recipe using leftovers - it can be a "resuscitation" of food scraps you got in your fridge, bits and pieces of ingredients and underrated parts of vegetables like zest and stalk.

      Even if you don't have a blog you can participate by posting your recipes and sharing ideas on how to reduce the waste or contribute to the other GROW principles using our Forum (under the topic GROW).

      To know more about the GROW initiative visit Oxfam Website.

      Recipes for a Better Future - Smart Use of Leftovers

      The Untamed Cook

      Rachel Elich is a globetrotting, computer engineer, project manager, designer, untamed cook extraordinaire who backpacks around the world. Along the way on adventures, Rachel has adopted and incorporated international influences into all aspects of her creative work endeavours.


      1. I can't wait to see all the things people share! I love this idea & it's one of the values I carry in my own kitchen on a day to day basis! I hope you don't mind that I shared 3 recipes. The Roasted lemon peel is a great and easy way to use those lemon peels that might otherwise just get thrown away. The chile Dip was using the chile solids that were just discard. And, the Cheese Oil is a great way to preserve that little leftover hunk of cheese. Like I said, this is near and dear to my heart. Thanks so much for hosting!

        1. Hi Debi, Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your beautiful recipes. You can stop by and share as many as you want. I am planning to make them permanently available in the blog Menu and hoping the recipes will inspire more people. x Rachel

      2. Coming here by request of our friend Matilda, of Travel Swirly Pan fame. What a great idea, Rachel. The turkey pot pie came to mind as soon as I read your message. It was my most viewed post last year, despite only going live just before the end of the year. The Rosemary Lemon Chicken Stroganoff is a family favorite and the perfect second use of leftover roasted chicken.

      3. Thanks for including me! So glad to have made a new foodie friend. I promoted on my FB page!