The Untamed Link Party #3 - Healing Food

Welcome to #3 Untamed Cook Link Party!
Featured Recipe from Last Week

Tales From a Middle Class Kitchen won me with his Belissimo Flora Dora Coller

Check the Recipe Here

This Week - Healing Dishes

I am a bit late with the Link Party this week because I am miserable sick with a Flu so this week I am inviting you to share "your healing dishes". 

What do you cook for the people you love when they are a bit sick?

About the Untamed Link Party

Every Tuesday (Wednesday in Australia) the Untamed Cook will be hosting a link party with a different theme. Every week we will have 2 Featured recipes: one chosen by us and other by popular vote.

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  1. Hey chica! Feel better soon! I dropped off some of my mom's pot roast stew. Check in with us tomorrow since we should finally have all this link party nonsense worked out on our end. :-)