Meet The Cook

Born in Brazil in a Portuguese and Spanish family, the world is my home and I have travelled it three times over… one could say.      

Always with my well-worn backpack "Girlfriend" on my back I have experienced the greatest gift someone could ever want:   the opportunity to see the world, soak up and cook all the ingredients of our planet’s cultural stew.

My love of cooking chose me as my grandmother was an incredible cook; the journey began as a child with her whipping up fantastic meals.    

Nana Wanda passing her tried and true family recipes onto me was an honour.    Technically "untamed as a chef", my intense passion for  food has been a driving force in my life ever since.    

In my travels I have encountered recipes and characters that have opened my eyes to the endless possibilities and I started this blog to share these experiences with you.  

Just in case you are wondering,  I do have a "serious job" - I am a Computer Engineer and I work as a project manager in IT(whenever I am not on the road or in-between countries).       

Technology is my second passion and has led me also to embrace design and photography as a profession:  I do have a design blog and store that helps a great deal in supporting my digital nomadic lifestyle.  You can see my work at My Quirky Gifts.

More often than not my excitement for my interests can take me over and my english grammar goes out the window with the onion skin :-)   It's what I like to call "Portenglish" or my "written accent' and I hope that it adds flavour to your experience reading my stories.

Rachel  Elich